Bracelet Yin Yang with two faces Gemstone Beads

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Bracelet Yin Yang with two faces Gemstone Beads with elastic silicone cord for base metal bead Yin - Yang and semiprecious stones - white jadeite (10 mm) and onyx (10 mm);

At first glance the sign Yin and Yang is very simple, but actually there is an enormous sense. Only a few lines and shapes, only two colors, but they are reflected all laws of the world. This is a very long and complex character, this is the key to the knowledge of many unsolved laws of life. Yin and Yang are opposing principles found in one, showing first unity and depending on each other, in the second - the constant movement from one state to the opposite, keeping their properties. To be a balanced whole, they complement each other and suppressed. Yin and Yang are represented mostly by black and white circle, divided a line resembling a wave / sine wave or spiral / by circles in each half, contrasting color that half of circle in which they are located. The symbol of Yin and Yang - Tai Chi (literally "great horizontal beam of the roof") or Great limit is a Chinese cosmological term for grand maximum, most recently, the most extreme, the most distant, etc. state of undifferentiated absolute and infinite opportunity in contrast to the eternity. 

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SIZE - presented pictured model is an internal circumference 16 cm;

Jadeite - restores impaired bioenergetics the man gives emotional and adjusts blood pressure. His energy is able to balance and soothe emotional outbursts; Astrology: all signs. ONYX - stone universal protection makes people more determined and strong. Astrology: Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo.

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