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Necklace With Name Ivan - Handmade jewelry from silver wire and attached to chain the same color; by IVAN Gospel Ioannes is old Bulgarian Ioana from Heb. "God is merciful" or "grace of God" - the most common male name in Bulgaria; Russian transliteration of John of the XIII century. Enter mass in Bulgarian names in the revival, it completely replaces the Greek "John." The importance this name is "blessed" (from the ancient Jewish), so many people choose to name their children so. The nature of most, bearing that name can be quite controversial. Generally they are good people, very open and patient. sometimes, however, You can find another person to be quite cunning and furious. Due to insistent mind, these people are good in almost all professions. Besides smart, they are very hardworking and resilient. The good thing with "Ivanovtsi" is that they are very keen the family and marriage. They love children and always take care of their parents. Name day celebrated on January 7 (St. John's). As an initial letter of the name and an indication of subtlety, sensitivity, kindness, striving for harmony with the environment, romantic soft character, effectiveness and practicality is often just posture to hide the true nature. Teacher says: "The letters and It is connected to mind. It confirms the reality - blossom color. "Colour is the beginning of a process. And strive to it ended. And the letter consists of two streams, one descends from the top down, the other climbs upwards. if looking for the truth, you will first go down and then will upload. For Cyrillic highest ideal is a way of achievement. she He has a firm will. It repeatedly repeated and perfected a process until it reaches perfection. As namely number stands with artistic abilities. Namely child including from infancy holding pen in hand and wrote poems and stories. When between names and birth including no harmony, suffered nervous system, which is closely linked with the letter O and the number 9. monotony dulls the senses of an I. All processes are repeated must be carriers of some variety. The letter And he loves to run and makes it reasonably well. And - number 9 must maintain good internal purity in Otherwise, all power will be lost. You have to make do with what little is given because it always sufficient. And when the letter is not in harmony, adversity are repeated again and again. Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - A written name - 4 cm / 2 cm length - Band + letter - 24 cm COLLECTION handmade and wonderful combination of style and quality! Created with passion, a collection S & A - Handmade Jewellry Boutique
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