Necklace With Name ELITSA Gemstone Stone Silver Elastic Mens Womens Gifts Mother Gift Girl

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Necklace With Name Elitsa - Handmade jewelry from silver wire and attached to chain the same color; Elitsa - Slavic name, which means "little fir (tree)." In the past, this name was given to girls as wish to be Slender and gratsiozni.Imen day to celebrate Palm Sunday or May 21 - St. Constantine and Elena. This letter suggests possibility for nervous breakdowns based on complex relationships with people nearby. "E" speaks for easy adaptability, hypersexuality is often suppressed by kompleksiranost. Subconsciously sound is perceived calmly, without irritation. As initial name letter E is an indication of a desire for self-expression need for mutual exchange of ideas tend to mediate in conflict situations, insight, intuitive understanding of the mysteries of the world, sometimes - Excessive talkativeness. Means spaciousness materially and spiritually. Law breeding, strong desire to get out of difficult situations. Germinate the seeds that will grow. Down the energies of the divine world of the physical to serve reasonable and giving realization of all he wants to manifest, to materialize. Sum of forces with a ravnodeystvashta. One leg "E" is on the ground, the other in the astral world. E is a dual letter unbalanced. When placed harmonic, it will be affected and attracts more than worldly splendor and to a lesser extent on the spiritual side of life. Easy and suddenly can change its direction of motion. E can be equally of beneficial and the harmful. During the past years, not only in Bulgaria but also in the world of fashion and trends in accessories stubbornly sneak authors handmade jewelry - especially jewelry-esteem are unique, created and sold only in a single piece. In a world of JEWELLERY, flashes replicas and fakes in the industry for billions in major word which has long had noble materials and precious stones, to find something unique, unique and affordable at the same time is almost mission impossible ... Weight 0.05 kg Dimensions - a written name - 5 cm / 5 cm length - Band + letter - 24 cm COLLECTION handmade A wonderful combination of style and quality! Created with passion, a collection S & A - Handmade Jewellry Boutique
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