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Handmade Gentle Ring with Pearls Pearl Sun base cord, natural pearls, dark brown PVC beads and faceted crystals with warm caramel color! The jewels have always occupied a significant place in the lives of people who love fashion and accessories. different jewelry can bring a different vision of the same outfit. There are so wide variety of accessories, but unique hand crafted jewelry stand out especially because of its uniqueness. Beads, carved, engraved semiprecious stones, leather items and various techniques of craftsmanship Jewellery art developed in all cultures of antiquity, support a variety of jewelry - handmade. If you want to leave unforgettable impression, you can safely trust handmade jewelry and accessories without forgetting that they have a rule when and how to wear - is unacceptable in the office to appear with blatant electric solid necklace - dress code must be observed, however we are against the rules. In his work should make impression skills rather than with the effect of bright clothing and accessories. But you can always spice up a boring suit delicate and showy earrings made of semiprecious stones such as moonstone and pink quartz. Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - d = 19mm (Inner Tour - ~ 6 cm) COMPOSITION The ring does not contain metal, the base is braided with beads and cord! PARTNER PRODUCT Made with attention and love from Julia Dimitrova for An-G Design Boutique PEARLS - reinforce honesty and loyalty. They bring comfort and prepare us for the ebb and flow of life. They bring clarity and promote faith, love and integrity. because associations with water and the moon pearls balance emotions, especially watermarks.
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