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Handmade crystal jewelry Ring Tsvetnitsa base cord, pale pink PVC beads and faceted crystals royal purple color! Violet-lavender jewelry, a little surprising in a very classic color. The spectrum of shades of lila brings a sense of exoticism and passion. Purple symbolizes mystery, magic, mystery and is favored by royalty and people of good judgment. violet is the colors that nourish a sense of calm in us and motivate us to be bold and independent. This color can also to remove obstacles and to bring balance back into our lives, if for some reason everything around us It is in disharmony. The purpose of the various accessories and jewelry to feel special, different, beautiful, make us fit and be in harmony with what we wear to complement and Colour routine. So it's not just wrong make spontaneous choices without having to think of beliefs, meanings of minerals, signs ... Indulge in the beauty and choose its jewel palette with shades of An-G Design! Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - d = 19mm (Inner Tour - ~ 6 cm) COMPOSITION The ring does not contain metal, the base is braided with beads and cord!
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