Cat souvenir handmade with wire in different colors

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Cat souvenir - handmade jewelry wire in different colors and beads.

The cat has grace, magnetism and a hidden emotion. It is a source of energy and love for the true devotee to her owner, but the payoff for this devotion is love and the warmth with which she donates. Ever since ancient times, the cat is a symbol of greatness, class, and often - and of happiness. Something more. Egyptians approve the cat as a sacred animal, due to its indisputable ability to kill rodents. Homes cats were magnificent temples are fed only with exquisite food and had their own priests who serve them. One of the main character is a cat as guardian of home and family. So it is a great gift for newcomers and why not and wedding. There is a belief that in the new home must first enter cat to be happy and united family. The cat is suitable gift for a woman as it is associated with women and the home. But usually the ladies are those who care for him. Such statuette causes positive emotions, even in people who do not like animals. symbol is the magical forces of nature, a symbol of eternity because of his habit to shrink into a ball. Logo is independence. The cat is also used as a symbol of success.

Weight 0.05 kg Size - approximate size of each figurine - 6 cm width / height 6 cm 

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