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Impressive two-tone bracelet Galaxy with elastic silicone cord on base dividers with crystals, semiprecious stones - matt quartz (10 mm), rock crystal (10 mm) and krakal beads; Jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones, besides being beautiful and modern, the body charged with energy from nature. They contain within itself selected minerals, wear their own individual energy charge, which helps its owner with specific healing energy and power, loaded with health and luck wire are harmony and balance. "One must learn from minerals from the plants, the animals, the people. The crystals that are formed in the earth, and they have his intelligence. They understand the laws of light and have learned ways of its perception. Each crystal has adopted exactly This light, which is necessary for its development. "" Every Adept has one gem and it always brings with him. Wearing gemstone is of great importance, not vanity. "" Gemstones are carriers of low creative energies and serve as natural transformers, so it is recommended to wear a shield from harmful influences as transformers of lower desires. "(Peter Deunov) Many people choose their jewelry or accessories with precious and / or semi-precious stone, guided of your zodiac sign, thus strengthening its internal harmony. According to the holistic science if you touch the right crystal - You will recover if you caress - will shine. But according to many authors do not have to comply with common combinations `sign - mineral` because they almost never are the same across different sources, but simply to feel appropriate stone ... To think what you need ... good luck, love, faith or material successes and stop the Stone loaded and bearing exactly that ... And finally ... the diversity of styles in contemporary handmade jewelry gives us choice and turns them into custom gift option: guaranteed to delight with unique designer jewelry instead of mass produced souvenir. Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - presented pictured model is an internal circumference 15.5 cm; When choosing a larger / smaller size is a possible change in the number of stones; COLLECTION handmade and wonderful combination of style and quality! created by passion, a collection S & A - Handmade Jewellry Boutique QUARTZ - stone of mind, because it improves mental capacity and helps us We focus on the information that we need.
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