Attractive Ring with Crystal Saint Marina

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Attractive handmade Ring with Crystal Saint Marina base cord, black PVC beads and faceted crystals with unique "chameleon" shade! Women (and not only they) are in love to the pain accessories - earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, scarves and others. like, they have always been able to raise their mood. Using culinary vocabulary, accessories are one spice that gives dish truly perfect taste and makes you want more and more ... These small details bring in our daily lives charm and a sense of style, making our vision a noticeable and impressive, and of course abide by the rule of moderation. Choosing handmade jewelry and accessories, you can be sure you will have from vai important ingredients that every artist intentionally or unintentionally moisture by yourself - love, imagination, fantasy, hope, faith, and your own knowledge ... These ingredients make all jewelry unique handmade and unique, special and interesting, different and tempting ...

Weight 0.05 kg

SIZE - d = 19mm (Inner Tour - ~ 6 cm)

COMPOSITION The ring does not contain metal, the base is braided with beads and cord! The model is not elastic!

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