Bracelet Santorini With Soft pastel shades Gemstone

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Bracelet Santorini With Soft pastel shades Gemstone with elastic silicone cord on base, ceramic elements with a floral print and semiprecious stones - Marble onyx (10 mm);

Jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones, besides being beautiful and modern, the body charged with energy from nature. They contain within itself selected minerals, wear their own individual energy charge, which helps its owner with specific healing energy and power, loaded with health and luck wire are harmony and balance. Could say that jewelry from natural minerals are highly relevant today precisely because of these properties, but not only - Through them we can admire the infinite variety and perfection of nature, a unique combination of colors, graceful forms and blending of shades ... You can choose jewelry with minerals from your zodiac sign or to comply with current fashion trends. Many women choose their jewelry with precious and / or semi-precious stone, guided by their zodiac sign strengthening this way its internal harmony. According to the holistic science if you touch the right crystal - will recover if you caress - will shine. But according to many authors do not have to comply with common combinations of `sign - mineral` because they almost never the same in the different sources, but simply to feel relevant stone ... To think what you need ... good luck, love, faith or material successes and stop the stone loaded and bearing just that ...

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SIZE - presented pictured model is an internal circumference 16 cm;

ONYX - stone of universal protection makes people more determined and strong. Astrology: Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo.

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