Necklace With Name MISHO Red Silver Lime Elastic Mens Womens Gifts Mother Gift Girl

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Necklace With Name MISHO - Handmade jewelry from silver wire and attached to chain the same color; MISHO - shortened version of the ancient Jewish name Michael, which means godlike, intelligent and charming man who is often lonely. Men with this name are very disciplined and carefully selected friends. Michael is very sensitive, but can skillfully hide his feelings. Men with this name perfectly can be controlled. As initial name letter M talks about caring, willingness to help, some shyness, softness. Greed is the most common defect, which is undergoing the man with the letter "M" in the name. warning inadmissibility of predatory attitude towards nature, overcoming the temptation to be the center of attention. Only after suppress self his quest to accumulate, it will be able to realize its rich spiritual potential. The sound "M" in the name is perceived positively from others. Teacher says: "The letter M is primordial material from which the forms were made materials seed extracted from soil to grow. "means the material world and the contradictions in it. In the world there are two things that constantly operate: M-matter and O power. The letter M perceived. Where the layers break - suffering, there you will find water - life. The most sublime manifestation of the letter M is a sacrifice in the lowest pole M means death. The letter M animates properties of D. The strongest quality M is spirituality. In harmony with the triad of birth, she can develop their psychic abilities and no other letter, which would sustain the cross as bravely and with so few complaints. The strongest point in the triad 2 - 4-8 It is the letter M. It is full of life, strength and righteousness. Keep justice, but will not become aggressive in order to protect it. Search the path of reconciliation. The letter M is not a leader but a good contractor plans to those who respects and loves. When the letter M is not in harmony with the triad birth, she suffered a lot and will bear big burden on their shoulders. Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - a written name - 5 cm / 3 cm length - Band + letters - 24 cm COLLECTION handmade and wonderful combination of style and quality! Created with passion, a collection S & A - Handmade Jewellry Boutique
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