Bracelet Aquamarine Demetra with Semiprecious Stone

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Bracelet Aquamarine Demetra - Handmade with elastic silicone cord basis, semiprecious stones - aquamarine (10 mm) and metal elements - separators with built-crystals;

In ancient times gentle aquamarine is considered one of the most powerful magical stones. in the Middle Ages aquamarine is the stone which are decorated statues of the Virgin Mary. At that time, regarded as a symbol of chastity. It is an expression of unalloyed love. Aquamarine helps create new friendships. Also gives courage and strengthens the will. Prevents fraud. Excellent stone for meditation. It also helps in quitting addictions - alcohol, tobacco and others. helps heart to get rid of fears, insults and makes a person more inclined to forgive. According to ancient legend, if the stone starts It looks cloudy and green it portends storm or its owner is in a bad mood. Many women choose their jewel with precious and / or semi-precious stone, guided by their zodiac sign, thus strengthening its internal harmony. According to the holistic science if you touch the right crystal - will recover if you caress - will shine. But many other authors must to comply with common combinations of `sign - mineral` because they almost never are the same in different sources, but simply to feel relevant stone ... To think what you need ... good luck, love, faith or material success and to stop the stone loaded and bearing just that ...

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SIZE - presented a photo model It has internal circumference 15.5 cm;

Aquamarine - brings Luck travel, gives courage and calm against the evil eye in young children, for inspiration. Attracts luck;

Astrology: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius, Libra

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