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Handmade Bracelet against the evil eye Anchor`G red coated silk cord and metal mascot Gold Anchor;

Anchor- it is very ancient talisman. Use it before our era. To protect themselves from the dangers of the sea cruises, people carved characters anchor on stone. The more efforts were needed for what better be - raw rulers of the deep sea respect the firmness of character. Life, even on land is also Seaway raging storm. Coming to himself after another "shipwreck" one craves rescue coast, where demand for long-awaited peace can anchor - that is, to achieve stability, confidence in tomorrow and ability long time to be in shape. Anchor is a Christian symbol, symbolizing faith that is "safe and sound anchor for the soul," it is a sign of hope for salvation and the very symbol of salvation. Until today are preserved seals of the first Christians with an image of an anchor and a monogram of the Savior. With anchors decorated wedding rings and Christians - to be faithful to one another and to Christ. there is even "Anchor Cross", ie cross recurring form of anchor. Wearing a red thread against the evil eye, bad luck and curses is Jewish custom, at the heart of which stands the belief that man can be evil eye (cursed) only from the eyes of another person. According to some beliefs is not important how you tie a red thread, but female thread should be placed the left hand, and for men - on the right.

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SIZE - universal, adjustable size - vacation / tighten with both slip two nodules;

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