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Necklace With Name IVO - Handmade jewelry from silver wire and attached to chain the same color; IVO - on behalf of mountain osier willow (Slavic) or diminutives of Ivan. IVO, a derivative of IVAYLO - form Kurt (Valo). The name became popular along King Ivaylo (1277-1280), whose full name is Kurt Dox Uvash. Old means of Kypt "Wolf" and Valo, Vail, Ivail Ivaylo were later its Slavic transcription. Kurti name can be found today in the Yambol region. Dox name that really translates as "boar" indicates the year of the reign of Ivaylo according to Bulgar calendar, and Uvash (magnificent) is his nickname. As an initial letter of the name and an indication of subtlety, sensitivity, kindness, striving harmony with the environment, romantic soft character, effectiveness and practicality is often just posture to hide the true essence. The teacher says, "the letter and is related to the mind. It confirms the reality - blossom color. "Colour is the beginning of a process. And strive to complete it. And the letter consists of two streams, one descends from the top down and the other climb upwards. If you are looking for the truth, you will first go down and then will upload. For the letter and the high ideals It is a way of achievement. It has a firm will. It repeatedly repeated and perfected a process until it reaches perfection. As precisely figure stands with artistic abilities. Namely child including from infancy holding pen in hand and wrote poems and stories. When between names and birth including no harmony, suffered nervous system, which is closely linked And with the letter and number 9. monotony dulls the senses of an I. All processes are repeated must be a variety of media. The letters and loves to run and makes it reasonably well. And - number 9 must maintain good internal cleanliness, otherwise the whole effect will be lost. We have to make do with what little It is given because it is always enough. And when the letter is not in harmony, adversity again and repeat again. Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - a written name - 4 cm / 2 cm length - Band + letter - 24 cm COLLECTION Handmade and wonderful combination of style and quality! Created with passion, a collection S & A - Handmade Jewellry Boutique
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