Impressive Bracelet Crystal White Precious Gemstone Stone Red Black Elastic Mens Womens Gifts Mother Gift Girl

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Impressive Bracelet Crystal White Precious with elastic silicone cord for base mat milky crystals and metal elements; Jewelry made precious or semi-precious stones, besides being beautiful and modern, the body charged with the power of nature. They contain in himself selected minerals, wear their own individual energy charge, which helps its owner with specific healing energy and power charged with health and luck wire are harmony and balance. White is associated with light, goodness, innocence and modesty. It is considered the color of perfection may represent birth, purity and simplicity. White is the opposite of black color. Unlike black - white usually has a positive perception and means safe. In the world of fashion white and black are timeless classics. White is associated with purity and freshness, the color of snow promote the purification of thoughts and mental clarity. White captures the idea of ​​hope and expectations for treatment and recovery, a symbol of safety and a new beginning ( white color characterizes perfection and completeness demonstrates the absolute and final judgment, full freedom of opportunities and remove obstacles. Its quality is fundamental equality as incorporates all colors. It always inspires, helps, suggests a certain faith. White is a symbol of social consensus and peace. In Africa, it used by the priests. If sacrifice white animal, it is a sign of peace with the gods. If the house inside is painted in white, it will have consent if white painted doors, the man who enters, leaves the evil outside. In Christianity, the white color is a symbol of faith, purity and truth. In clothing white color means beginning. "The White Knight" is a symbol of salvation, the white robe in the hospital also a symbol of salvation and sterile cleanliness. The white color controls endocrine and visual system. White clothes soften skin, make it more tender. The white color shine updates all colors in the body, helping to eliminate stiffness. If a person chooses white, this means that it seeks to get rid of the trouble. ( Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - internal Tour 15.5 cm; COLLECTION handmade and wonderful combination of style and quality! Created with passion, a collection S & A - Handmade Jewellry Shop
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