Bracelet against the bad Butterfly Effect with Red cord

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Handmade Bracelet against the evil eye Butterfly Effect red coated silk cord and gold metallic element - Butterfly!

Butterfly - Symbol of love, happiness and prosperity. If the butterfly fly in your house, it will bring happiness, because it symbolizes everything the best in life. Symbol of the soul and immortality, rebirth, resurrection, transition, ease time. Another part of the symbolism of the butterfly based on metamorphoses ù. Pupa stage is the main changes from the inside, as in mentality or perspective. The final stage of the adult butterfly is seen as a free expression of these changes in the outside world in the course of a man's life, personality or way of thinking. This unwavering metamorphosis is also a symbol of faith. Herein lies and deepest symbolic lesson of the butterfly. She asks us to accept changes in our lives, casually, as she does with outspread wings and carefree flight over flowers. Wearing a red thread against the evil eye, bad luck and curses is Jewish custom at the heart of which stands the belief that man can be evil eye (cursed) only from the eyes of another person. according to some beliefs is not important how you tie a red thread, but female thread should be placed on left hand and men - on the right.

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SIZE - universal, adjustable size - vacation / tighten by simultaneous slip of the two nodules;

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