Necklace With Name Svetla Red Silver Elastic Mens Womens Gifts Mother Gift Girl

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Necklace With Name the world - Handmade jewelry from silver wire and attached to chain the same color; the world - derivative Cvetlana or Cvetoslava, ie "Lighter" (Slavic). St. Photios (from the Latin photos - light) is the patron saint of all who They have light in their name. His day is Feb. 6. Bright (a) is characterized by irreversible style and strong aesthetics. Women with this name are modest and would help, even if this aid would harm them, and the main Their disadvantage is that they are too trusting and superficial. As initial name letter C indicates a desire for strong position and financial security, sanity, irritability, a tendency to command, sometimes waywardness. Like A letter C is an architect forms, but its spirit is more powerful. Under her influence forms of physical plane manifest, but steadily change because the vibration of C is intermittent as the tides of the moon. When in harmony with the triad of birth, she is virtuous, but when dissonant, is devastating and deadly. Move to the poles of life. when not in harmony, appearing kidney disorders. With a difficult letter. It is not enough vibration to all numerological are harmony with each other. It is necessary to live well, in other words to be constantly in spiritual contact with all creation and all creations. If you miss this contact Chez entered into an alliance with the lower forces. for C no middle way. C is a cold point. Therefore, it must maintain a relationship with God, to perceive Love, Peace, grace not only beautiful words and wishes, and as the work of his life. Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - spelling name - 5 cm / 3 cm length - Band + letter - 24 cm COLLECTION handmade and wonderful combination of style and Quality! Created with passion, a collection S & A - Handmade Jewellry Boutique
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