Bohol Chic Seth Gypsy bracelets

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Bohol Chic Set bracelets Gypsy - a set of three bracelets - beads of silicone elastic base and suede bar applications and standard clasp; 

'Bohol'' is the style in women's fashion made of various Bohemian and hippie influences. Bohemianism (in French: Bohème) and the word bohemian associated with certain lifestyles prevalent among poor intelligentsia, usually ... Overall mean open-minded, free spirit personalities. This style mixed colors, fabrics, prints and styles, even one with a lot of creativity. Be bold colors! Bohemian style hides its roots in gypsy caravans and colorful clothing sexy gypsy dancing around fires the sounds of the violin. The more courageous you are and pattern combinations, the more livelier and interesting will look your vision. And Last but not least, do not forget the accessories. Jewelry is your best friend - heavy necklaces and bracelets bearing a sense of the past, long necklaces of beads, heavy rings and dangling earrings, and massive rings can convey life courage of your clothing and scarves, sunglasses and large, knitted hats are not just charmingly beautiful, but useful in the summer sun. Inspired by Bohol style, we created our original jewelry collection Boho Chik, wearing it casually and carelessly, color and modern look!

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size - 16 cm inner circumference; The bracelets can be worn separately!


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