Earrings with fiery Minerals Graciela Gemstone Stone Agate Yoga Red Aqua Elastic Mens Womens Gifts Mother Gift Girl

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Earrings with fiery Minerals - Graciela metal elements and semi-precious stones - agate (6 mm); In a world of mass jewelry flashes replicas and fakes in the industry for billions in major word which has long had noble materials and precious stones to find something unique, unique and affordable at the same time is almost mission impossible ... In recent years, only in Bulgaria but also in the world of fashion and trends in accessories stubbornly sneak authors of handmade jewelry - especially jewelry-esteem are unique, created and sold only in a single piece. These include not only so demanded and preferred bracelets and more. jewelry made of semiprecious stones, and products, the fruit of incredible creativity, advanced techniques and diverse and sometimes extremely unexpected materials - eg. epoxy resin, clay, wood, paper, recycled survini etc ... Yes ... women (And not only they) are in love to the pain accessories - earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, scarves and more. like always able to lift their mood. Using culinary vocabulary, accessories are one spice that gives the dish a real, final taste and makes you want more and more ... These small details bring in our daily lives charm and sense style, making our vision a noticeable and impressive, and of course abide by the rule of moderation. Weight 0.05 kg Length - ~ 6 cm COLLECTION handmade and wonderful combination of style and quality! Created with passion, a collection S & A - Handmade Jewellry Boutique Agate - attracts success and bring good luck against storms and poisons away from diseases and colds. Protect property from harm; Astrology: Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo, Aries
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