Unisex Leather Bracelet Trixie Black Elastic Mens Womens Gifts Mother Gift Girl

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Unisex Leather Bracelet Trixie metal elements engraved with "Trixie" and strip black leather; Meander (gr.Μαίανδρος) is widespread ancient geometrical ornament in the form of lines, refracting at right angles, and usually repetitive in order. Allowed and simple: branch interruption interweaving and overlapping. Abstract in nature, gives a special geometric focus and impact, symbolizes eternal laws of nature and its cycles, cycles of reproduction (at least according Cultural observers). (Www.i-school.dimovengraving.com) meanders are an expression of the Movement, they comes the mathematical sign for infinity. The bracelet is a wonderful fashion accessory date at any time of year. Thousands of years ago, it was an integral part of the outfit of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Thracians and other nations. Worn as a talisman, had symbolically meaning, guarded by evil spirits and misfortunes. Today, looking mainly its decorative and functional qualities, it can emphasize fine beauty of the female wrist or to hide some imperfections. & Nbsp; And finally ... the diversity of styles in contemporary handmade jewelry gives us choice and turns them into custom gift option: guaranteed to delight with unique designer jewelry instead of mass-produced souvenir. Weight 0.05 kg SIZE 17 cm inner circumference COLLECTION
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