Brooch Black Lotus Handmade from Black Silk

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Brooch Black Lotus, handmade from solid black silk and a white silk dark blue dots; Mossy Agate core lotosa- of refueling positive energy!

Two fastening mechanism - pinch and type safety pin; brooch is two fastening mechanism - pinch and type safety pin; According to stylists for any outfit must have interesting focus - something to distinguish you from the rest and to 'pin' eyes. Just brooch is one accessory which will diversify the dullest garment. Quite unfairly aristocratic accessory - the brooch was doomed to oblivion for many, many years. World designers however it over again triumphant in the wardrobe of women. In recent years revived as an accessory and designers again turned them into "use" and as an accent in clothing. It is recommended for women in business meetings, the perfect suit and watch an elite brand for men.

Weight 0.05 kg

Size - ~ 10 cm / 10 cm

Agate - attracts success and It brings good luck against storms and poisons away from diseases and colds. Protect property from harm; Astrology: Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo, Aries

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