Bracelet White Heart against the bad luck

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Bracelet White Heart against the bad luck with red coated silk cord and white PVC bead cores;

Heart - long During used as a symbol relevant to the mental, emotional, moral, and in the past also as a symbol of intellectual core in man. As widely believed that the heart is the basis of human consciousness, the word "heart" continues to Used is poetically to refer to the soul, and stylized depictions of hearts are extremely prevalent symbols representing love. heart symbolizes love, unity, sensuality, femininity attraction. Magicians and alchemists used the hearts of spells associated with love and romance. They are used to strengthen relationships and connections. The heart is long recognized as a symbol of love, generosity, joy and compassion. And also as an emblem of truth, Sacred Heart of Christ is the focus of the Roman Catholic Church for the love of God. Graphical representation of an inverted triangle symbolizes court in which love is poured or worn. As most of us already know, especially from The Da Vinci Code, inverted triangle is esoteric symbol of divine femininity or female force as a whole. red is the color of fire and blood, is related to energy, health, strength, power, strength, determination, and passion, desire and love. This is an emotionally intense color, gives a feeling of warmth. There are many high visibility and because of this fact is often used to denote danger - high voltage, road signs, traffic lights and fire equipment are usually painted red. Used as a symbol of courage and therefore can be seen in many national flags, and besides, It is widespread and khaki.

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SIZE - universal, adjustable size - leave / be tightened with both slip two nodules;

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