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Description Rainbow Lady's Accessory, hand-made from faceted multicolored crystals in seven rainbow colors or 7 chakras; In addition, a small Hamsa with built-in beads semi-precious stone - turquoise (2mm); The red personification of the initiator, the creator, the innovator. Orange means the balance between physical nature and intellect. Yellow carries the energy of the intellect that separates man from his animal the nature embedded in its species. Green is the color of nature and the balance between the many constantly changing forces. Blue gives a sense of depth. Temporal sinks into the comfort of eternity. The Indigo / Purple gives the spiritual insight, due not so much to the faith and reliance, as with blue, but rather on a strong connection with life. With Violet / Pink, we cross beyond the belief of the blue in the spirit and intuitive insight of the Indigo in reality.

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LENGTH - ~ 15cm

RECOMMENDATIONS - yes not wet and protected from injury;

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