Protective Bracelet Red Kabbalah with Hamza

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Description Energy Red Bracelet Red Kabbalah with silk black string base, semiprecious stones - turquoise and red coral, metal accents, and the Hamsa talisman - the hand of Fatima; Often the work of bracelets was associated with various superstitions. They were believed to prevent evil and to keep away from unintentional spirits. Also that they are lucky in dependence on inputs. An undeniable and proven fact over the centuries is that stones possess an inexhaustible energy as they are loaded and continue to be loaded from the deepest bowels of the earth, the sun, the soil ... Thanks to this property they have the ability to transfer their invigorating power to their owner and that is what makes them so valuable and Desired ..

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Weight 0.05 kg

SIZE - adjustable, tighten / granted on a wrist by simultaneously pulling the two strings;

RECOMMENDATIONS - not wet and protected from injury;

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