Attractive Accessory for Bag 7 Chakras

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Description Attractive Accessory for Bag 7 Chakras, hand made of silk, black cord, woven with beautiful scarf knitting, metal elements and semi-precious stones - chips; Red connects to the physical level and bears the root cause. It is the initiator, the creator, the innovator. Orange matches the abdominal chakra. And in its actions and thoughts the orange always comes strives and means only one: balance. Balance between physical nature and intellect. Yellow corresponds to the solar plexus chakra brings the energy of the intelligence that separates the man from his animal nature, embedded in his or her biological form. Green corresponds to the heart chakra. Green is the color of nature and the balance between the many constantly changing forces. The green marks the middle between the red and the violet end of the visible spectrum. The blue corresponds to the throat chakra. The blue marks the removal from the purely physical spheres of her life the entry into the spiritual. Blue gives us a sense of depth. Temporal sinks into the comfort of eternity. Indigo / Purple marks the chakra of the forehead, known as the third eye's chakra. It is believed that this chakra is not yet fully developed in man. Indigo gives the spiritual insight due not so much to faith and trust, as in blue, but rather to a strong connection with life. Violet / Pink matches the crown chakra. Its development has also not fully materialized in people today. With Violet we go beyond the belief of blue in the spirit and the intuitive insight of indigo in reality. Violet consciously seeks to understand the reality of the life process. Each of these chakras is responsible for the reception and transmission of a certain type of energy that it does impact not only on our health but also reflects on our way of life.

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