Bracelets with PVC and Glass Beads Mantra

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Description Bracelet with PVC and Glass Beads Mantra with elastic silicon cord for base, metal elements, crystals, effect dividers and gentle pendant with the symbol Om. OM MANI PADME HUM is the most powerful Tibetan mantra that is capable to purify a person's soul from negative tension and devastating ego. At the same time, he perfected the six pure actions, namely generosity, harmony, endurance, enthusiasm, concentration and insight. This is a protective mantra against all evil thoughts, negative energies and diseases. It is said that Om, on the one hand, is a symbol of the impure matter, words and reason of the body of the one who pronounces the mantra, but on the other - is an expression of the purity of the divine matter, speech and wisdom of the Buddha.

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SIZE - inner circumference 15.5cm;

RECOMMENDATIONS - Do not get wet and protect from injury;

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