Stylish Knitted Amor Bracelet with Amethyst

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Description Stylish Knitted Bracelet Amor made of soft gray knit fabric made of gray polyester thread and semi-precious stones - amethyst (chips); Since ancient times it has been claimed that the amethyst has not only magical but also healing properties. This is a stone, which helps us to clear our thoughts, to have a sober look at the events that take place in our lives, and to we accept reality not with fear but with optimism. & nbsp; It is claimed that the stone protects its owner against possible black magic and negative exposures by malicious people. At the same time, it is revered as a stone of change, as it has the ability to change circumstances in favor of him who has a pure soul and a merciful heart. . SUITABLE FOR WEDDINGS RUN TELETS BREAKERS CRAZ LEV DEVA SCULPTURE SCORPIO SHOULDER COFFEE WATER FISH Additional Information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - Adjustable, thanks to the standard fastener and the prolonging string; minimum internal lap 15-16 cm; COLLECTION Sato Coro AMETIST - Stone of "Spirituality and Pleasure", has a soothing and relaxing Effect on people and promotes healthy habits. It helps us to control negative thoughts and gives us insight into business affairs. The stone opens doors to spiritual experiences and can protect its owner from black magic. Known as the Stone of Stone Change can bring any kind of change in your life. It also helps to overcome old emotional wounds strengthens the psyche. RECOMMENDATIONS - Do not get wet and protect from injury;
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