Unisex Leather Bracelet Yin Yang

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Description Unisex Leather Bracelet Yin Yang - author's handmade, which uses a dark brown leather strap (0.5cm / 100 centimeters) and a metal element Yin and Yang (d = 2 cm); Important: It is possible to order yours model to have visual differences in some of the above mentioned mascots! This is because of the ordering intensity of the particular model and the rapid depletion of the mentioned pendants! Yin and Yang are usually presented within a circle, creating the Taiji symbol of completeness. Yang is active, male, dominating, and positive. It is full of power and energy. Yin is the host, the female, the obedient and the negative. It supports, feeds and supports. Yang is the day, yin is the night. There are many more examples presenting yin yen, such as the earth and the sky, the night and the day, the black and white, the female and the male. One can not exist without the other.

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Weight 0.05 kg

SIZE - adjustable, with extendable collar and standard clasp, the bracelet is freely wrapped between 5 and 6 times around the wrist;


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