Modern Ladies Bracelet Blue Summer

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Description Modern Ladies Blue Summer Bracelet with elastic cord for base, crystals, semiprecious stones - turquoise (10mm and dividers), mother of pearl (10mm); Turquoise is among the most beautiful natural stones, and its colors range from sky blue to seaweed. It is precisely because of its "heavenly" Or "water" tone, it is claimed that turquoise can subdue the natural elements and turn them on your side. Besides This is claimed to attract wealth and well-being to people with pure thoughts and deeds. They call the blue "color Of compromise "due to its basic qualities: communicativeness and tolerance. Fans of this tone prefer dialogue, through scandals, and retreat In a dispute over the likelihood of spoiling their relationship with a close person. However, the coolness contained in the blue color, suggests And a slight extreme: when all the limits of tolerance are passed, then the "blue fairies" fall into a state of complete negation And forgiveness is the last thing they will give you. APPROPRIATE FOR WEDDINGS RABBIT TWILIGHT CANCER LOVE DEVAL SCORPIOUS SNAIL COFFEE WATER FISH Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - not adjustable, inner circumference 16cm; TURQUOZ - protects From storms and fear, known as the stone of health, happiness and success, stone of luck and love. SEDEF - Loads With joy, beauty, tranquility, purity, innocence, happily donating young girls. Because of its association with the water and the moon, the mother of pearl balances Emotions, especially watermarks, help connect the Goddess and her absolute female energy. RECOMMENDATIONS - yes not wet and protected from injury;
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