Stylish Energy Bracelet Dalida

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Description Stylish Energy Braid Dalida with elastic silicone cord base, glass and PVC beads, built-in crystals dividers, faceted Crystals, semi-precious stones (10mm) - agate and onaccity and metallic accents - Talisman, Detelinka; Every designer tries to create a way, That his creations are both memorable and attractive, but also practical and easy to combine; to be Suitable for wear regardless of the event, but which you plan to shine with. Jewelry is not created with the idea of Be worn only once or for a specific occasion, and the "golden environment" between the everyday and official visions is sought. Naturally, that Is not always possible, but sometimes it is .... APPROPRIATE FOR WEDDINGS RABBIT TWILIGHT CANCER LOVE DEVAL SCORPIOUS SILVER COFFEE WATER FISH Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - adjustable, minimum internal lap 16cm; AHAT - attracts success And brings good luck, against storms and poisons, keeps from diseases and colds. Keep the property from encroachments; UNATCH - balancer, which helps to achieve harmony between body and spirit, emotion and understanding. Soothes, gives love and tenderness and bears Good luck in life. It helps spiritual, intellectual and mental development. This stone removed all mental barriers preventing internal growth and Helps the owner to live in the present and to see the bright side of life. RECOMMENDATIONS - do not wet and protected from injury;
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