Elegant Ladies Bracelet Marsala

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Description Elegant Marsala Bracelet with elastic cord, matte glass beads, faceted crystals, semiprecious stones - wine red agate (10mm and 12mm) Moonstone (10mm), mountain crystal (10mm), mother of pearl (10mm) and metal dividers with built-in crystals; Quartz is a mineral with different transparency And color - from transparent to matt, from white to pink or yellow ... Tonality or its saturation does not affect On its properties - this is probably the most powerful stone for healing! But apart from pure healing qualities, quartz Has been used since ancient times and as a protective amulet because it raises our inner energy to the highest levels at which It counteracts in a very natural way the foreign, negative exposures .. APPROPRIATE FOR WEDDINGS RABBIT WINDSCREEN CANCER LOVE DEVI WINTER SCORPIO SHOULDER BODY WATER FISH Additional information Weight 0.05 kg DIMENSION - not adjustable, 16cm inner circumference AHAT - Attracts success and brings good luck, against storms and poisons, protects against diseases and colds. Keep the property from encroachments; SEDEF - loads with joy, beauty, tranquility, purity, innocence, happily donating young girls. Because of its association with water and the moon, The mother of pearl balances the emotions, especially the water signs, helps you connect with the Goddess and her absolute female energy. LUNA STONE - Helps to strengthen intuition and mental perceptions and brings balance and harmony. Some say the lunar stone is there Sensitivity. MOUNTAIN CRYSTAL - a stone of mind because it improves mental abilities and helps us to concentrate on the information we We need it. RECOMMENDATIONS - Do not get wet and protect from injury;
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