Stylish Mens Bracelet Amulet

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Description Handmade Stylish Men's Bracelet Amulet with elastic silicone cord base, semi-precious stones - agate (10mm), onyx (10mm), Tiger eye (10mm), hematite (10mm), mountain crystal (10mm), turquoise (10mm), metal dividers and talisman Cross with two faces; The males Bracelets struggle to seize positions in the market of handmade jewelry and accessories. Fashion is developing, and with them the proposals For our stronger husbands grow: although in the antiquity and in the times of aristocrats and noblemen, the jewels were equally Both men and women, over the past decades this has been a forgotten practice, and only the ladies have the opportunity to Enjoy jewelry and bracelets. Fortunately, times are changing or maybe all sooner or later returns, And today men's offers are countless. Bracelets with stones in black and gray are preferred by the strong Sex, but there is no lack of choice of colorful minerals, as long as the taste of the gentlemen requires it. Onyx is one of the most positive attitudes Stones: it strengthens the sense of optimism in us, makes us vibrant and energetic, calm and patient, but without us Turns into puppets or subject to foreign opinion. On the contrary, this stone balances reason and emotions and achieves harmony between actions And our feelings. Makes us creative and curious, ready and courageous for new exploits and adventures. Mantra Om Manni Padme Humor is considered to be the most powerful prayer in Buddhism: its repeated repetition leads to the purification of our mental body, the strengthening of Our vital functions and balancing emotions and feelings. In moments of frustration and anger is enough several times to Pronounce silently, or in the mind, the syllables, and you will feel the sedimentation of the passions and the clarification of your thought, relief from Its actions and optimism to resolve a conflict situation. The mantra positively charges our body through the vibrations that radiate from You sound Om - Mani - Padme - Hum! . APPROPRIATE FOR WEDDINGS RABBIT TWILIGHT CANCER LOVE DEVAL SCORPIOUS SILVER KOZIROG VODOLEY FISH Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - the model shown in the picture has a minimum internal lap 18cm; AHAT - attracts success and brings luck, storms and poisons, protects against diseases and colds. Keep real estate From intrusions; ONIX - a stone of universal protection, makes man more determined and strong. QUARRC - adjusts the vibrations of man and regulate them. In modern China balls of rock crystal use them for massage. Stone brings perseverance, modesty and fidelity The person who owns it. TIGER EYE - a stone of true hopes, helps in fulfilling desires, brings success to work, stabilize financial position helps in exams and important business meetings in periods of major life changes and prevents collapse Disappointments. TYRCKOAZ - protects against storms and fear, known as the stone of health, happiness and success, a stone of luck and Love. RECOMMENDATIONS - Do not get wet and protect from injury;
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