Luxury Crystal Bracelet With Diana

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Description Luxurious Bracelet With Crystal Diana Hand Made with Wax Cord for Base, Glass Beads, Effective Cross with Inlaid Crystals And semi-precious stones - Amazonite (10mm), Sedef (10mm), Agate (10mm), Turquoise (dividers); People choose their jewelry sometimes quite spontaneously They sometimes look for similarity to their zodiacal characteristics. Regardless of which of the two variants brought you to our online boutique, We offer you a variety of patterns and materials from design and styles created by author and partner artists. The undeniable beauty Of minerals is not their greatest advantage - it is believed that if you touch the right crystal you will heal, If you rub it lightly, as if you are hugging it, you will shine. Perhaps it would even be best not to comply with so much The stone suitable for your zodiac sign (they rarely coincide with the different charts), but you can feel what you have Need, decide what you want right now, and turn to the knowledge of semi-precious stones, bequeathed to us From the antiquity and to choose the exact crystal: Agate attracts Stuff, Turquoise protects, and so on. APPROPRIATE FOR WEDDINGS RUNNING WALKING CLICK HERE CRAZ LEV DEVA SCALE SCORPIO SHOULDER COFFEE WATER FISH Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - Adjustable - Loop / Relax According to the wrist; The model shown in the picture has an internal circumference of 16 cm; AMAZONIT - brings joy from life, love, spiritual uplift And positive emotions; AHAT - attracts success and brings luck, storms and poisons, protects against diseases and colds. Keep it property from harm; TURQUOISE - protects against storms and fear known as the stone of health, happiness and success, stone Of luck and love. SEDEF - loads with joy, beauty, tranquility, purity, innocence, happily donating young girls. Because of the association with water and moon nacre balance emotions, especially watermarks, helps to connect with the Goddess and its absolute feminine energy. RECOMMENDATIONS - not wet and protected from injury;
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