Rich Minerals Bracelet Timbuktu

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Mineral Bracelet Timbuktu Hand Made with Wax Cord for Base, Glass Beads, Effective Beads with Crystals and Semi precious stones - Agate (10mm), Unakit (10mm); Jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones, apart from being beautiful and modern, They energizes the body from nature. They contain within itself selected minerals, wear their own individual energy charge, which helps its owner with specific healing energy and power, loaded with health and luck wire are harmony and balance. "Every Adept has one gem and it always carries with him. Wearing gemstone is of great importance, not vanity. "" Gemstones are carriers of low creative energies and serve as natural transformers, so It is recommended that they be worn as a precaution against malicious influences and as transformers of lower desires. "(Peter Deunov). SUITABLE FOR WEDDING RABBIT CROWN CANCER LIVE WEDDING WINTER SCORPIO WATERPROOF WATERPROOF FISH Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - adjustable, the model shown in the picture has a minimum internal circumference of 16 cm; AHAT - attracts success and brings good luck, Against storms and poisons, protect against diseases and colds. Keep the property from encroachments; UNACIT - a balancer that helps Reaching harmony between body and spirit, emotion and reason. Calms down, gives love and tenderness and brings success in life. Helps spiritual, intellectual and mental development. This stone removes all the mental barriers that hinder internal growth and helps the holder To live in the present and to see the bright side of life. RECOMMENDATIONS - Do not get wet and yes Protect from injury;
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