Ladies Bracelet In Golden Globe Bohol Shine

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Ladies Bracelet In Zlatisto Bohol Shine handmade with wax base cord, metal dividers, glass matt and wooden Beads, semi-precious stones - Agate (10mm), Citrine (10mm), Unakit (10mm), Mountain Crystal (10mm) and Metallic golden element - The hand of Fatima; Bracelets with talismans are great for every season and for ladies at all ages. They contain Profound symbolism, and if you are doing individual design rather than mass production, you can be sure of the positive The effect you will have if you like to wear such ornaments. In addition, the golden color has become one of the universal ones Shades. Preferred and sought-after is almost as much as the classic black and white, and is just as fashionable and spectacular. The symbol HAMSA, better known as the "Fatima's Hand", has its origins in ancient Middle Eastern history. It encodes energy For protection from alien malice, bad luck, envy and, above all, bad eyes. Despite its direct connection with the East, Hamas is Used not only by Muslims but, like the cross, has become a universal protective mascot in all cultures and Religions. It is believed that strong, anti-negative waves and radiant amulet properties help the happy life of not only the His owner, but also his relatives and his home. Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - adjustable, tight / relaxed According to the wrist; The model shown in the picture has an internal circumference of 16 cm; CITRIN - attracts abundance and is known as "the stone Of the trader "will not only increase your financial revenue but also keep it at higher levels, heightens healing energy Of the body and opens the human consciousness to intuition. Helps you adapt and adapt to the changes happening in Your life, giving you confidence and security. AHAT - attracts success and brings good luck, storms and poisons, keeps From diseases and colds. Keep the property from encroachments; MOUNTAIN CRYSTAL - a stone of mind because it improves its mental abilities Helps us concentrate on the information we need. UNAQUIT - a rocker that helps to bring harmony between Body and spirit, emotion and reason. Calms down, gives love and tenderness and brings success in life. It helps the spiritual, the intellectual And mental development. This stone removes all the mental barriers that hinder domestic growth and helps its owner live in Present and see the bright side of life. RECOMMENDATIONS - Do not get wet and protect from injury;
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