Simple Shambala Choco Muffins wit hsemiprecious stones

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Product Description: Simple Shambala Choco Muffins, handmade from high quality brown waxed cord and semiprecious stones - citrine (10 mm) landscape jasper (9 mm), agate (10 mm); In short "Shambhala" is synonymous with harmony and balance. I.e. achieving a perfect symbiosis between physical and the mental body, we will attain their personal Shambala peak. Only people with pure hearts and purified people can to "discover" this place and it is completely unintentional. & Nbsp; The dispute about the appearance of the bracelets: The fact is that ancient Shamballa bracelets probably have little in common with the modern models. This is because these rings are never They had a specific design. It was important to them monks made of natural materials as they sing various prayers. Mandatory condition as then, and now, these bracelets can be made entirely by hand. Thus their moisture of good in themselves from their emotions and hopes. What used Shamballa bracelets? In addition to achieving peace, like beads, these accessories are also used for many other things. It is believed that by properly invested stones, you to attract love or luck. To improve your health or ward off evil people in their lives! Suitable for Aries TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - adjustable minimum inner circumference from 15 to 15.5 cm Agate - attracts success and bring good luck against storms and poisons away from diseases and colds. Protect property from harm; Astrology: Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo, Aries citrine - attracts abundance and is known as "Stone merchant" will not only increase your financial returns, but will hold him to higher levels, enhances healing energy of the body and opens the human mind to intuition. It helps you to adjust and adapt to the changes happening in your life, and brings confidence and security. Jasper - stone of surprises, carried by universal amulet protection, health and luck. Atrologiya: Gemini, Leo, Taurus, Virgo, Aries, Libra, Sagittarius CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN - adjusts the vibration of human and regulate them. In modern China balls of rock crystal use them for massage. Stone brings perseverance, modesty and fidelity the man who owns it. RECOMMENDATIONS - not wet and protected from injury;
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