Handmade Bracelets against the evil eye Red Hamsa Hand Fatima

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Product Description: Handmade Bracelets against the evil eye Red Hamsa red wax cord and a metal charm Hamsa - Hand Fatima; One of the strongest and surrounded with mysticism mascots is called Hamsa amulet or "Khamsa" of Arab and translates to "five". Why five? Because this highly symmetrical painted palm represents the five pillars in every religion - faith, prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, and it is with this meaning is found in absolutely all creeds, albeit in a different form or name. The open hand of God can be seen in the painting, besides a number of paintings with Christian themes and also in the Bible, where he played the role of treatment, supportive and forgiving God's hand. In Islam this hand called the Hand of Fatima, while Jews - Hand of Miriam. In every culture embodies faith and patience It is considered a protective sign. Legend has it that once the husband of Fatima (daughter of Mohammed) returned to their home, leading his second wife. This very hurt Fatima and she sank into silence and thoughts until cooked general dinner. So to be absorbed in himself that he noticed how gradually instead of spoon, began to stir hot dish right hand. It does not feel physical pain, but only that ... deep in my heart ... husband, overwhelmed by seen and especially patience and the will of his first wife, regretted his actions and spurned the second girl. Since then He remained faithful love and his wife to the grave! Often this talisman adorned inside with different color "Embroidery" or mandalas, there are sometimes embedded gems, mostly in the blue range, and very common in the center him to put "all-seeing eye" having importance of so-called "Nazar bonzhuk" or "blue eye against the evil eye." No matter what option to choose is your Amulet Hamsa note that his main force to safeguard and protect occurs only in people with pure hearts. Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - universal, adjustable size - vacation / tighten by simultaneous slip of the two nodules; RECOMMENDATIONS - not wet and protected from injury;
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