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Product Description: & nbsp; Shambala against the evil eye Lucky Day - handmade red wax cord and metal mascot - Clover (2 cm / 2 cm) with Ladybug; That have become absolute fashion hit Shamballa bracelets lead originates from ancient Tibet, where were more religious accessory than related to vanity jewelry. Despite the change over the years, people still wear tangle stones and cord in the hope of spiritual balance, peace and harmony between the physical and mental body. Their prices vary from affordable to very high, but everything depends on the brand under whose name offered and used by materials. Reassuring is that the variety of models and prices, giving everyone the opportunity to acquire this very date mascot. Our grandmothers did not believe in the power of red and deep scarlet cord in, so newborns or sickly children always was tied one string. Today some extent this has become a fashion, especially if you look at hands of celebrities, but no one denies the capabilities of Blazing thread to prevent bad luck and brings health to those whose wrist is attached. Legend tells of how when Adam and Eve were expelled Garden of Eden, Eve spun off four-leaf clover to remember days spent there. So if in your garden has a four-leaf clover, there's a piece of Heaven and God's blessing be with you. Additional Information Weight 0.05 kg Dimensions - adjustable size, minimum internal circumference 15 cm; RECOMMENDATIONS - does not get wet and keep away from injury;
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