Bracelet Classic broadcast French Wine

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Bracelet Classic broadcast French Wine with elastic silicone cord basis, semiprecious stones - colorful agate (10 mm) and metal elements;

In ancient Rome agate was the personification of the fertility goddess Pomona, patroness also of gardening. It was believed that the mineral protects plants from hail and frost. Pliny the Elder claimed in their manuscripts that agate It helps athletes to achieve high success and the average person - to control emotions and appeaseth anger. & Nbsp; The ancient Egyptians did it was believed that the amulet Agate can protect its owner from lightning in During the earthquake, and that quenches thirst. It was believed that the stone helps couples to have faithful to each other regardless of long or short sections. With this idea are exchanged rings (rings) with or Agate in marriages or just a romantic gesture. Natural agate is considered a mineral that harmonize our relations with others, making "owner" attractive and eloquent. Agate protects against negative external influences (energy attacks and psychological vampirism). No accidentally during the Middle Ages was considered a talisman against wizards and spells. It is the stone to purify regularly under running water, to remove it from the accumulated negative energy. .


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SIZE - presented pictured model is insider Tour 15.5 cm;

Agate - attracts success and bring good luck against storms and poisons away from diseases and colds. Protect property from harm;

RECOMMENDATIONS - not wet and protected from injury;

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