Modern Men Bracelet Achilles Jewelry with Stones line

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Product Description: Modern Men's Bracelet Achilles with elastic silicone cord basis, diverse and multicolored semiprecious stones - jasper (10 mm) onyx (10 mm), obsidian (10 mm), hematite (10 mm), lava stone (10 mm) labradorite (10 mm) and metallic element; Onyx is a stone which is said to increase happiness and brings a lot of positive emotions in our lives, helping us to change our bad habits and also, most stones helps balance the body and mind. Helps to achieve goals with greater persistence and self-confidence; Suitable for Aries TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - presented to Image model has internal circumference 18 cm; COLLECTION handmade and wonderful combination of style and quality! Created with passion, collection S & A - Handmade Jewellry Boutique volcanic (LAVA) STONE - ancient Indians believed that volcanic stone charged human body with the energy of the earth. The natural volcanic stone absorbs negativism therefore be used as an amulet. People who wear it do not afraid of changes either internal or external. In India respected him as a cathartic, labradorite - dispels negativity and improves clarity of thought. Improves the ability to collaborate with others in harmony. Labradorite gives perseverance, strength and intuition in moments of conflicts and promeni.Polezen is in the treatment eyes, brain and regulates the metabolism and digestion process. OBSIDIAN - stone-protector able to protect against attacks from negative magical effect of betrayal of a loved one, of excessive aggressiveness. In India it venerate the stone "cleaner" which clears all nut vibrations in the body and relieve the physical body of all negativity. ONYX - brings a balance of mind and body, and fortitude. Recommended for volatile and flighty people because it will help them get off the ground and focus their attention. Hematite - support in difficult moments of concentration at severe nerve situations. Jasper - stone of surprises. Carried as a universal amulet for protection, health and luck. red jasper It is a stone of love. He kept and stimulated. Colorful jasper connected with spiritual upbringing. blue gives gift to foresee. RECOMMENDATIONS - not wet and protected from injury;
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