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Product Description: Handmade Gently necklace with rose petals in a glass sphere (d = 25 mm) and metal base in silver. necklace It is a standard fastener and could be adjusted length! The model is lighter does not cause discomfort when worn! Model Necklace with rose petals - Stock 1pc. / 24,90lv price car models with impressive antique elements - availability 1pc. / 26,90lv price all know that the hidden message of roses is love ... According to the color of this beautiful plant can be guess the kind of feelings, but undeniable, red petals, as if bathed in blood, symbolizes the passionate, profound, sometimes searing and bewitching Love ... Red is the color of sin and passion, but also honesty and dignity, pride and power. the Red Rose not weak, despite the fragility, she knows how to keep and proudly defend their positions, like true women. If you want to hot personified love of expensive for you lady in red roses are the best choice! Necklace With rose petals claimed that red roses are the most common, but more likely they are most sought after due deep meaning, which carry. Inherent human is to love passionately and destruction, namely that message lies in delicate petals and sharp spines. Model cars Spectacular Antique items to show someone that you love is enough to handed him a rose ... But if you want him to know that I want a passionate and insatiable, select dyed scarlet rose petals. They have passion, desire, fire, fire of emotions volcano of emotions ... Red alone is an expression of temptation and strong-willed, but also detrimental feelings and not always by accident when a story it comes to unrequited love, shows the presence of a single red rose ... Whatever sense to see in red flowers, enough to know one thing: Serve with love and kiss! Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE d = 25 mm the glass sphere; Length - 70 cm (drops to about 35 cm from the neck to the chest) COMPOSITION - dried flowers (roses), glass spheres, metal bases, metal chain; COLLECTION - inspiration from nature, the Earth and Flowers collection "7 ART Hanmade Jewerly" RECOMMENDATIONS - not wet and protected from injury;
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