Attractive Necklace with Message for Women

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Handmade Attractive Necklace with Message in a glass sphere (d = 25 mm) and metal base in silver / antique color. Chain is standard clasp and could be adjusted length! The model is lighter does not cause discomfort Carry!

Dandelion Orissa is wearing love and wishes come true! Regardless of disparaging attitude that often express to him, calling him "Stormy", there is hardly a more appropriate gift with which to express your love! Touch you in some form to the dandelion, it is best that happens unconscious and unintended, then know that you are blessed with luck and many come true dreams! Ethereal and gentle, it teaches us how to live: with acceptance of everything going on around us, by removing hand and a slight breeze over problems! We must not forget - here today, tomorrow they will therefore need to live not about the past or the future but for the present! Love and live today! The belief is that as the "darts" throughput flower so wishes will come true as long as you manage to pluck them from their core with only one breath ... To say "I love you" sounds easy ... But really hard ... It's difficult, because love is a deal, and we humans prefer To get ... Therefore we so hard to share feelings and emotions because they become dependent, because you have to we give ourselves without being confident that we will get something in return. Love is an emotion that is sweet only if It is mutual, but it is true only if you do not expect "return": When love just give - hope, faith, gentleness, compassion, but what will give you?! Bojan work and not to approach this part of his life as to bargain! Just love - genuine and from the heart!

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg SIZE d = 25 mm from the glass globe;

LENGTH - 70 cm (drops to about 35 cm from the neck to the chest)

COMPOSITION - dried flowers , glass spheres, metal bases, metal chain;

COLLECTION - inspiration from nature, the Earth and Flowers collection "7 ART Hanmade Jewerly"

RECOMMENDATIONS - Do not wet and keep away from injury;

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