Bracelet against the bad Cross of Faith

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Handmade Bracelets against the evil eye Cross of Faith of high quality wax cord and metal element - the Cross;

Among the most popular and revered symbols in all cultures and religious teachings is precisely the cross. It embodies not only Christian faith, although it is connected imaging with the crucifixion of the Son of God. Is balance and unity - between spirit and matter between God and man. And is perceived as a counterpart to the Tree of Life, but before all the baptized sign used for protection and prevention of supernatural evil forces.On the other hand figure on the cross represents the world his absolute integrity and perfection. The center of the universe with its four directions and main roads. We combined the power again character with ancient beliefs about the capabilities of red thread to guard and protect and bestows health. It is tradition inherited from our ancestors, who tied the scarlet thread of the weakest and defenseless to inspire them from their strength and good luck. Although in recent years the wearing of bracelets with a red cord to become a fashion, it is not renders their meaning and power. Red itself is strong and loading color associated with aggression, but and by force from the weak repent desperately need!

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