Black Cord Bracelets Trust against the evil eye

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Handmade Bracelets against the evil eye Trust of high quality black wax cord and metal element - the Cross;

Interesting the fact is that the cross is called the "sign of characters" because of its universal application and protecting symbolism in different cultures more since prehistoric times. Each arm of the cross has its own meaning: the east side as the embodiment of the east wind is source of life, every beginning and the accompanying love; southern half respectively south wind carrying the fire and feelings but follow them melting and burning passion; North - this is the northern most powerful, all-conquering, he is responsible for head and intellect; the west end is a soft Westerner coming from the country of ghosts, quiet breath and whisper of imminent death. The cross not just two crossed lines - he retells the Creation, identifies with the man and his history "from-to" find it and the idea of ​​the sacred center: the place from where come the four main directions and every beginning is an end.

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SIZE - adjustable tighten / granted by the simultaneous slip of two opposite knots.

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