Bracelet With Minerals For Luck and Amore

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Bracelet With Minerals For Luck Amore with elements in golden color, faceted crystals, semiprecious stones - agate (8 mm), carnelian (8 mm), onyx (8 mm), citrine (6 mm) beads in red to prevent evil eye and numerous small talismancheta - Butterfly, Dolphin, Cross of Peace, Hamsa - Hand of Fatima, etc .;

Not once we have said, and you can read it not in a book or online publication that agate is one of the most powerful and energy properties as stone. this is probably due to the huge variety of types and shades that this mineral has and we should be happy that Nowadays these beautiful natural formations are accessible to all and it is only a matter of taste what model ornament will You choose. We have chosen to combine saturated with positive charge stones with no less mighty power of talismans - totems like a dolphin or a butterfly. For example, the dolphin is a symbol of salvation, kindness and mirolyubivost while the butterfly is that sheer enchantress, which teaches us to live fully devoted and emotionally!

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Agate - attracts success and bring good luck against storms and poisons away from diseases and colds. Protect property from harm; Astrology: Capricorn Aquarius, Virgo, Aries Carnelian - increases concentration and helps us to disregard what others say about us. Increases self-esteem and contribute to rapid success in his career. ONYX - brings balance to the body and mind and strength the spirit. It recommended for volatile and flighty people because it will help them get off the ground and focus attention. VOLCANIC (LAVA) STONE - ancient Indians believed that volcanic stone charged the human body with the energy of the earth. The natural volcanic stone absorbs negativism therefore be used as an amulet. People who wear it, do not fear any changes it internal or external. In India respected him as a cathartic, Citrine - attracts abundance and is known as the "stone trader "will not only increase your financial returns, but will hold him to higher levels, enhances the healing energy body and opens the human mind to intuition. It helps you to adjust and adapt to the changes happening in life you as you brings confidence and security.

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