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Handmade Shamballa Elegant Black Hamsa of coated black silk cord and metal element - Hamsa - Hand of Fatima; Hamsa (Khamsa), called "Hand of Fatima" in the Islamic world or "Hand of Miriam" in Hebrews, is a symbol of ancient and origin of the Ancient Oriental culture. Its main religious symbolism is and represents the five pillars in every religion - prayers fasting, faith, pilgrimage and charity. Hence its name - Khamsa in Arabic means "five". Interestingly, it is an element advocated by some highly visible or less visible way in absolutely all religions. even in Christianity: Hand of God often can be seen in iconography and religious paintings, but also in many excerpts from Bible again in the sense of healing, and supporting and protecting hand "has shortened my hand to You can not redeem? Or have I no power to deliver? "(Isaiah 50: 2) Hamsa amulet is a strong protective property and It has the shape of a hand, but the final two fingers are aligned, thereby making and analogy with another famous symbol "Tree of Life". Essentially, both elements are designed to preserve and protect the "ingredients" of our existence - Health, love, happiness, harmony, peace, etc. This is the most powerful talisman against the evil eye and foreign malice! Usually "filled" various drawings as mandalas, flowers, etc., or contains "all-seeing eye" (analogous to the so-called "Nazar bon (e) Zhuk or blue eye against the evil eye). Often combined with blue stones or colored blue, but completely "natural" retains its powerful protective energies. Initially, this character is personified the desire for a better life and development, and at a later stage - it a symbol of promise and trust. In most countries in the Middle East, her raised hand means truth and promise assumed responsibility for spoken words! As all known Hamsa amulets and should be worn only if your heart is pure - he is not helping the treacherous, envious and evil people! Additional information Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - adjustable;
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