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Handmade Shamballa Bracelets against the evil eye Blue Eye of red coated silk cord and PVC bead blue eye (Nazar Bonzhuk); Blue eye, or so-called `Nazar bonzhuk` is amulet to chase away the evil spirits and attract good luck. its origins It comes from ancient beliefs that people with blue eyes can sorcerized most and wearing precisely such blue eye banishes evil force (the principle - "Fight fire with fire"). For this reason, past old Turkish artisans have started make these glass eyes with the idea that wearing eye like it "looks" directly to the malicious and he can not hurt. There are different perceptions of Nazar, but accepted that he bears no religious significance, although some call it "Eye of the Prophet" or "Eye of God". There are no special requirements to make eye but believes it should Wear a prominent place (sewn on clothes, jewels, etc.). Wearing a red thread against the evil eye, bad luck and curses is Jewish custom, at the heart of which stands the belief that man can be evil eye (cursed) only the eyes of another person. According to some beliefs is not important how you tie a red thread, but female thread should be placed on the left hand and men - on the right. Weight 0.05 kg SIZE - adjustable size presented pictured model has a minimum internal circumference 15 cm;
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