Guidelines for artists and traders

In order to participate as seller in it is required to register with unique username and password and also to enter some needed data about yourself. The other way is to use "Login with Facebook" and using your profile in the popular social network. Art-store will never required any other information except name and email. And the website will never do a posts or write to your friends. This tutorial in on english but you can change the language of the website and use other language options. 

After your are registered and login into the website you will see the basic categories for your profile - My Account, Selling , My Orders and Newsletter. 

Because you are a seller the most important menu for you is "Selling" - so you need to click on Product List link which is exactly under "Selling" (or just click on Selling in the menu in left) and the website will guide you to the page in which you will be able to import your products from different websites- Etsy, Bazarino, 10fingers and others. If you have personal shop and you want to be able to import products directly from it please contact with us by messaging on our Facebook page or use mail: This option with personal website will be available only for your profile. 

Example for importing from Bazarino:

Choose the blue button "Import Bazarino"

This will open a new page where you will be able to post direct link from desired website.

Copy the full url address of your listing from corresponding website and paste it in the field. After that press the blue button which looks like a Diskette in the right part of the screen and the system automatically will start to process your request. You will need to wait a few seconds. 

When your product is successfully uploaded it will not gonna be automatically published on our pages.You should do this manually by review and edit if it is needed the information on each imported article. Unactive products are those in pink and the active are those with white/transparent background. 

In order to edit and activate a product choose the blue pencil. Once you have clicked on it you will be able to actualize the data for your item- description, price and other. You will also be able to make it active and to add it to our catalog by changing its status from "Disabled" to "Enabled". 


1. It is desirable your item title to be between 50 and 70 symbols.

2. If you are importing from Etsy, where your products are in english or from other website with other language you can use the buttons under each field - "Translate from ..."

3. It is desirable product tags to be no more than 6-8 for each item, because larger number keywords is not good for Google searches.

4. The website automatically adds percentage to your desired price- in this fees are included advertise fees, for administrations and translators, for hosting and others. 

5. The price for delivery used in the website is always 7$, but your can varies. The reason for this is because the post offices uses individual prices according to the weight and sizes of the packages. Along with that National Post Offices are one of the cheapest and secure services for international delivery services. It is good to check in your local post office what price will be required for sending random item of yours. For example- recommended package with size and weight of post cart with address in Germany is arround 3 EUR. If the price for delivery is above those 7$ used in the website please add the difference in the price of the product, because the default delivery price will not gonna cover your shipping. 

  • Recommended package is that package that you will get a tracking number!

6. The payment for bought and send from you item is processed when you send us the mentioned above tracking number, which we are sending to our clients, because with it they have the calmness and confidence that the paid items are send. The amounts are send via PayPal, because it is required to have an account there. We use PayPal because its free from various of taxes and the service is the cheapest and secure in the internet. 

7. It is desirable to track and refresh your products because we want to prevent that somebody can buy something that is no longer available. The disappointment and the discontent which we will cause in our customers will not gonna be good for our prestige of our store as well as for the all other international sellers and artists . When some product should be take down from the catalog just use the "Trash" icon in the end of the line in product list. This will make your product unactive and it will no longer be part of the catalog, but it will stays in your product lists. The "Trash" icon do not delete products. Its is only makes them unactive ! 

We wish successful sales and fruitful cooperation of all our partners!