Affiliate program

We are glad to offer affiliate program for our website.

How it is working ?

You can register in the website via "My Account" button at the top.

Then you will see "Selling" section under your profile.

From there you can list items that you are selling.

For the price that you want will be added 40% tax from us.

For the shipping you will get up to 7$ which is the default shipping in the website, so if you will need more for the shipping then add it to the price that you want.

You will not gonna be charged for nothing. If a customer buys some of your items then we will notify you and when you ship the item to the address that we will provide we will pay you the desired price + the price for shipping.


1. Is it paid to create listings? -> No, everything in the website is free. You will only get payments upon successful sale.

2. What is the profit for us? -> We will get those 40% more to the product. They will cover large amount of payments - paypal, banks, tax for listing, tax for sale on other sites, facebook ads, hosting, domain and etc. Our profit is very thin after all those taxes!

Why should I register?

There are some positives to be part of our website.

1. All the products are automatically synced to all our pages in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Google+, Instagram and etc. They are not published on your personal pages but when they are part of bigger page with daily support the chance to be seen is bigger.

2. The import of the items is simplified so if you have an Etsy or 10Fingers store you can import your products from there. If you have a custom own website just make a request and we will implement it as part of the import logic.

3. The listings are automatically synced in our Dawanda store. So its not needed to make your own shop there. Your products will be visible also there. Dawanda Store

4. The listing are also automatically synced in our Bonanza store. Bonanza is a google store for various kind of products. Here is our Bonanza store

5. When importing listings you will use our integrated translation system which will help you with the translation of the items!

6. You will be part of the auto generated weekly promotions offer by the website - Sales section

7. Your items will be part of automatically generated relations between the items in the website.

8. Your categories will be auto populated which will help you items to be shown in all correct categories. For example if you list your item under Accessories -> Brooches it will be shown also under Accessories.