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7 Advices To Combine Jewellery With Style

7 Advices to Combine Jewellery with Style
We are sure that you already know that the perfect and complete outfit does not include only cloths and shoes!In fact, even the best vision may seem rather ordinary and even repelling if you do not combine the right jewellery and accessories! Expensive and glittering outfits turned into cheap p...

Handmade Jewellery Yes Or No? Part 2

Handmade Jewellery Yes or No? Part 2
Probably many colleagues disagree with us, but I do not think that "handmade" automatically means "unique".Yes, it is true that even if it is part of a series, even repeating or having common design, the process of operation makes each jewel unique and different.But our personal opinion is that an"U...

Jewellery And Care For Them

Jewellery and Care for Them
We strive to design our jewellery in maximum quality, to enjoy them longer and brings you pleasure when you are wearing them.However, regardless of our efforts, there is nothing eternal in this world and natural materials such as cotton or silk cord sooner or later are "marked" by daily or frequent ...

7 Advantages Of The Handmade Jewelry

7 advantages of the handmade jewelry
Even though we are sure that our customers and readers don’t need to be convinced in the main benefits of the handmade jewellery, we decided to list our top 7! And so… If you had, even once, the pleasure (or displeasure, depending on the point of view) ...