Interview With AnG Design

Interview with AnG Design
What is your name – My name is Ana, but to be honest because of the work oftet people call me Andji (from An-G Desing). Tell us more about you– I am 34 years old, sign: Capricorn, married and I have one positive boy (thanks God he is not like his mother :) ) 12 years old. I like the...

Interview With Elena

Interview with Elena
What is your name? - ElenaTell us more about you. - I am always loved to make different things with my hands. This brings me a lot of pleasure and inner satisfaction. From several years I am producing jewelry for me and my close persons. From not so long I have started selling them too. I like to ex...

Interview With Kalina And Krastina

Interview with Kalina and Krastina
What is your name? - Kalina and KrastinaTell us more about you. - Kalina: I am technical assistant at german company, Krastina: I am manager of a restaurant currently in maternity.What kind of handmade products do you make?- We are making knitted toys, hats, scarves, accessories, sewn toys and small...